How to Buy and Sell Almost Anything on a Project

Mastering Project-Related Buying and Selling in This Economy—2 Days, 14 Hours

Are you often involved with contracts on projects? Are you having trouble getting work delivered from a project-related vendor? Do you feel uncomfortable dealing with legal documents, attorneys and contract language? Do you need to get more work? If so, this invaluable 2-day class is exactly what you need to master both buying and selling.

Created for contract managers, project managers, sales people, and members of the client and contractor teams, this class covers the entire process for buying and selling on projects. In addition, the course will break down often-ignored topics like creating winning proposals, choosing the best proposal, preventing changes and claims, decreasing project costs through contracting, and making more money. If you are struggling with contracts on projects, let RMC Learning Solutions (formerly RMC Project Management) show you how buying and selling on projects can be positive AND fun, in a hands-on and interactive environment.

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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Plan, manage and control contracts more effectively.
  2. Ensure that project work is completed with fewer problems.
  3. Understand both the buyer and seller perspective.
  4. Maximize the efforts of clients and contractors.
  5. Manage changes while controlling project costs.
  6. Avoid common project-related buying and selling pitfalls.
  7. Easily evaluate and find vendors and contractors.
  8. Increase their comfort level with the contract and procurement process.
  • Introduction
    • Pretest
    • What do you do now in your real world
    • The value of knowing what the other side does
    • Why Care About the buying and selling process
    • What is the buying and selling procurement process
    • What do you need before you can start the buying and selling process
  • Planning First
    • When to buy and when to do the work yourself
    • Non disclosure agreements
    • Understanding the Main Contract Types
    • Using incentives to motivate contractors
    • Tricks of the Trade® for getting a clear scope of work and why that is important to the client and the contractor
    • Tricks of the Trade® for clients and contractors
    • Tricks for creating good procurement documents
    • How to handle the process if there is only one contractor
    • What are the standard terms and conditions, what do they mean and how should you be involved
    • Gain expertise in understanding detailed contract language
    • Managing the selection process
    • Tricks for understanding the point of view of both the client and contractor
    • Apply this to your real world
  • Conducting Procurements
    • What to do before your submit a proposal or bid
    • Tricks for having great proposals and bids
    • How to evaluate proposals and bids
    • Tricks of the Trade® for presentations
    • The Negotiation Dance
    • Tricks of the Trade® for understanding the point of view of both the client and contractor
    • Apply this to your real world
  • Administering Procurements
    • How to control the work
    • What makes an effective report
    • What to focus your efforts on for each contract type
    • Where do changes come from and how can you spend less time managing them
    • Claims and breach
    • How to interpret contract language
    • Tricks of the Trade® for understanding the point of view of both the client and contractor
    • Hot Contract Issues to Watch For
    • Apply this to your real world
  • Closing Procurements
    • How to make the next client or contractor happy
    • The value of learning your lessons
    • Tricks of the Trade® for what the client and contractor should do when the work is done
  • Applying this Class to the Real World

Each student will receive a copy of the How to Buy and Sell Workbook and supplemental materials, which provide the exercises and case studies that are used and referenced throughout the class.

BOOK: PM Crash Course, Second Edition
by Rita Mulcahy et. al.

This compact resource guide quickly and clearly communicates project-related concepts like project charters, stakeholder management, requirements definition, estimating, scheduling, budgeting, quality management, risk management and more.

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WHITE PAPER: Tailoring Scope by Project—Why One Doesn't Fit All by Barbara A. Carkenord

This whitepaper recommends that scoping should be tailored to the type of project and product being undertaken, rather than trying to design a standard scope statement or statement of work (SOW) for all projects.

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FREE RECORDED WEBINAR: Overcoming Politics on Projects
by Rick A. Morris

This one-hour Webinar dives into the topics of gaining buy-in from upper management, accurately estimating time and cost, controlling project communication, managing within corporate culture, taking care of your team, and more.

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TEMPLATE: Free Sample Project Charter

Having trouble creating a project charter for your upcoming initiative? Use this free sample from RMC as a guideline, and complete your charter quickly and easily.

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Type: Core Training
Audience: Project Managers
Duration: 2 Days – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
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