Improving Project Estimating eLearning Course

Increase the Accuracy of Your Time and Resource Estimates

Are time and cost estimates for your projects rarely accurate? Do you have trouble identifying WHY your estimates never hold up? Do you need real-world techniques for estimating time and cost on your projects? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this self-directed e-Learning course can help you find real-world solutions to your project estimating problems!

This course will outline best practices, processes, and tools project managers can use to make sure they generate quality estimates for every project. Students will be guided through identifying common issues that prevent PMs from generating good estimates, and will also learn HOW to estimate, as well as exactly WHAT needs to be estimated. The course will review best practices for estimating time and resources, and outline different types of costs that need to be included in a project estimate.

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The course includes the following instructional design features:

  • A 7-section interactive tutorial.
  • 8+ hours of instruction.
  • Over 120 audio & video clips.
  • 50 interactions and exercises.
  • A downloadable Action Plan notebook.
  • A course weblog for sharing ideas with other students.
  • 8 Contact Hours or PDUs.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Accurately estimate time and cost on all projects.
  2. Identify everything that needs to be considered during estimating, including commonly missed items.
  3. Develop solutions for specific estimating problems.
  4. Set up repeatable estimating processes and practices for all projects.

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of Estimating
    • What is good estimating?
    • Your estimating tricks
    • Your estimating problems
    • The 6 most common estimating problems
    • What needs to be estimated? (Resources, duration, costs, profit)
    • Your project costs
  • Lesson 2: Preparing to Estimate
    • The project management process
    • When is estimating done?
    • What is needed to estimate?
      • Project charter
      • Project scope statement
      • Work breakdown structure
      • Network diagram
      • Involve the team
      • Risk management
  • Lesson 3: Fundamental Estimating Techniques
    • Top-down estimating
    • Bottom-up estimating
    • How to estimate in a range
    • Analogous estimating
    • Parametric estimating
    • Relative sizing
    • Three-point estimating
  • Lesson 4: Estimating Processes and Best Practices
    • Understand the project priority
    • Use historical records
    • Ask probing questions
    • Prevent padding
    • Follow a standard process
    • Use an estimating form
    • Document the assumptions
    • Look for efficiencies
    • Do a sanity check
    • Manage changes
    • Educate and mentor stakeholders
  • Lesson 5: Advanced Estimating Techniques
    • Reserve analysis
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Re-estimating
    • Independent estimates
    • Delphi technique
    • Timeboxing
    • Planning poker
  • Lesson 6: Course Wrap-up
    • Estimating situations
    • Wrap-up quiz
    • Your Action Plan
Independent Estimates

Independent Estimates

The Padding Game

The Padding Game

Exercise: Planning Poker

Exercise: Planning Poker

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  • Broadband Internet recommended.
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in your browser.
  • Pop-ups should be allowed.
  • This course will use data if viewed in a mobile environment.

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