The Lazy Project Manager eLearning Course

Learn to Work Smarter (Not Harder) on Projects

This new e-Learning course from author Peter Taylor is based on his best-selling book and regularly sold out live workshop, The Lazy Project Manager. This 6-hour course focuses on getting project managers to work smarter—not harder—by focusing efforts on areas of the project that matter most, not wasting time on things others can do, and avoiding things that simply do not need to be addressed. Peter's approach to what he calls "productive laziness" encourages project managers to expend the majority of their effort in project startup and project closing, so they may step back during the project itself and let the team work effectively.

Challenges and issues covered in this e-Learning course include the origin and science behind "productive laziness," using project startup to get ahead of the game, managing project sponsors and scope creep, communication strategies for lazy project managers, filtering and delegating issues during the project, planning in advance for crisis, pushing your project across the finish line and more.If your goal as a project manager is to work smarter—not harder—and still bring projects in on time, you need to register for this e-Learning course today!

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In this course, students will have access to:

  • A 5-section interactive tutorial.
  • 20+ interactive learning-based exercises.
  • A course blog for sharing ideas with other students.
  • 70+ audio and video narrations.
  • Creation of a productive laziness 'Action Plan'.
  • 6 Contact Hours or PDUs.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Utilize the concept of "productive laziness" to work smarter on projects.
  2. Use the Project Startup phase to get ahead of projects and gain the upper hand.
  3. Successfully manage things like change, scope creep, and project sponsors.
  4. Choose the optimal communication method for each project situation.
  5. Filter and delegate issues during the middle of a project.
  6. Include fun in projects, and bring project teams together.
  7. Be available to the team, without being overwhelmed by team members.

The course is organized into the following sections:

  • Welcome
    • Welcome to the Lazy Project Manager
    • Who Is the Lazy Project Manager?
  • Productive Laziness
    • The Origin of Productive Laziness
    • The Science behind Productive Laziness
    • The Intelligence of Laziness
    • The Focus of Laziness
    • The Lazy Project Manager's Theory of Projects
    • Exercise: Prioritize Your Tasks
    • Exercise: How Can You Become More Productively Lazy?
  • Thick at the Start
    • Ahead of the Game
    • Start as You Mean to Go On
    • Dress for Success
    • Gain the Upper Hand
    • Be Prepared
    • Anticipate Everything You Can
    • Know the End Game
    • Exercise: Evaluate the Ahead of the Game Key Concepts
    • Manage the Sponsor
    • Maximize Your Sponsor's Support
    • Apply the Power/Interest Grid
    • Understand Where Your Sponsor Is Coming From
    • Exercise: Assess Your Own Sponsor
    • Manage the Creep
    • Manage the Change
    • Park It in the Parking Lot
    • Thank Them, Thank Them All
    • Exercise: The Cost of Change
    • Exercise: Assess the Creepiness of Your Projects
    • Communication and the Lazy Project Manager
    • Barriers to Communication
    • Top Ten Tips for Communicating
    • Maintain Control of E-mail
    • Stories from the Comfy Chair: A Project Manager's Tale of When First Impressions Counted (against Me)
  • Thin in the Middle
    • Use Fun to Bring Your Team Together
    • Break the Ice
    • End with a Laugh and a Wave
    • Breathing Normally
    • Stay Calm in a Crisis
    • Give Yourself the Flexibility to React to Problems
    • Filter and Delegate
    • Exercise: Handling a Crisis
    • A Lot of Love in the Room
    • Make Your Project Attractive
    • Feed the "Feel-Good" Factor
    • Exercise: Match Your Project Timeline to Your Team's Development
    • The Lights Are On (But No One Is at Home)
    • Blog Activity: Finding a Balance
    • Avoid the Swamp
    • Reconsider the Open-Door Policy
    • Be a Good Manager
    • Exercise: Countdown
    • A Project Manager's Tale about the Importance of Position
  • Thick Again at the End
    • The Missing Link
    • Consider the Hard Facts
    • Consider the Softer Side
    • The Emotional Seismograph
    • Exercise: Plot Your Project Experience
    • Blog Activity: Wrapping Up Your Projects
    • Stories from the Comfy Chair: A Project Manager's Tale of Escape without Cause
  • Course Wrap-Up
    • The Productive Laziness Final Quiz
    • Exercise: Your Action Plan
    • Stories from the Comfy Chair: A Final Tale from the Lazy Project Manager
    • Further Reading for the Comfy Chair
    • Congratulations!
Stories from the Comfy Chair

Stories from the Comfy Chair

Interview with a Sponsor

Interview with a Sponsor

What is Productive Laziness?

What is Productive Laziness?

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