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White Papers

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Tips for the Worried Test Taker Looking to sit for the PMP® exam soon? This paper examines strategies for making test-taking more rewarding, and looks at things like attitude, possible surprises, the testing itself, and checklists to create prior to the exam. Register on the right for free access
Roles Defined: The Project Manager and Business Analysis If your organization struggles with clearly delineating the differences between project managers and business analysts, download this IIBA® Peer Reviewed article which recommends an approach to defining roles based on requirement types. Register on the right for free access
QuickGuide to Requirement Types This two page reference describes the industry standard requirement types (as defined in BABOK® Guide and PMBOK® Guide). It also describes how to use each type for current (as-is) and future (to-be) state analysis. Register on the right for free access
6 Essential Elements to Effective Project Management How do organizations maximize their projects by delivering expected value on time and within budget? The keys to success lie in mastering the six essential elements discussed in this paper. Register on the right for free access


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Change Management Assessment and Checklist Benefits organization and the responsible change agent by helping to gauge current state of organizational readiness, assesses necessary elements of the organization's readiness to sustain the future state and provides critical questions for planning the change. Register on the right for free access
16 Common Risk Mistakes to Avoid on Projects Do you want to control your projects instead of having them control you? Managing risks could be the answer, but avoiding the mistakes others have made is key to overall project success. Here is a list of the most common risk management mistakes as well as tips on how to avoid them. Register on the right for free access
Rita's Process Chart Game Complete Rita's Process Game at least three times. Go through the game to solidify your understanding of the overall project management process and help fill gaps in your knowledge. Find your gaps before they find you on the exam! Register on the right for free access
Template: Sample Project Charter Having trouble creating a project charter for your upcoming initiative? Use this free sample from RMC as a guideline, and complete your charter quickly and easily. Register on the right for free access
Tip Sheet: Tips for Handling Unrealistic Schedules Have you been given a project deadline you believe is unrealistic? Use these 10 tips and do something about it. Register on the right for free access
Tip Sheet: Tips for Proactively Managing Stakeholders Project managers have many problems with the proactive aspect of stakeholder management. Add these tips to your tool kit to make YOUR projects the ones that look easy. Register on the right for free access
Tip Sheet: Tips for Planning Communication on Projects Having a well thought out and documented Communication Management Plan from the very beginning of a project can make the difference between success and failure. Register on the right for free access

Recorded Webinars

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Defining Stakeholder Resistance on Projects This webinar will help you uncover the source of stakeholder resistance with people-related issues. Gain confidence to have feelings-based or identity-based conversations to address resistance from your projects. Learn how to diagnose underlying issues or lack of stakeholder engagement, assess people-related versus process-related issues and develop a plan to address specific challenges. Register on the right for free access
The Scope Checklist: An Innovative Approach to Scoping Your Next Project If you're business leader or a project manager, register today for RMC's Scoping Your Next Project webinar. You will learn about Scoping and methods to help your organization prevent scope creep from derailing your next project. Register on the right for free access
Uncovering Methods to Assess Organizational Change Incorporating the ability to change the DNA of an enterprise while driving operating results is a much sought-after competency. In this webinar, you'll learn, examples of real organizational change, approaches to conduct change and how to prepare and deliver change. If your organization, division or team is considering or undergoing change then this webinar is for you! Webinar begins at the 2:42 minute mark of the video. Register on the right for free access
Agile for Anything? A Beginner's Guide to Using Agile for Non-IT Projects Practitioners across the globe are making use of Agile's iterative nature and visual management to manage everything from low-tech product development to services and even entire companies. And the time has come for project managers, business analysts, product managers, engineers and even executives to learn how to apply an Agile mindset to virtually any situation. Register on the right for free access
Multicultural Project Challenges In this one hour webinar you will learn the ways in which cultures communicate and how it can make an impact on your projects success. It will teach you the types of challenges that occur in global projects, and most importantly give you a few take a ways to lead your project teams to success on your next global project. Register on the right for free access

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